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1.Visual standard on each process


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2.How we do to keep stable quality

A.Stable key engineers. Share holding system.

B. Regular training system.

C. Inspection during the production and for the finished products. 


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Customer Feedback


For Water Sports


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From: Jayne Bares
To: <watergames@bouncia.com.cn>;
Sent: 2018-01-05 05:44
Subject: Re: RE: RE: 165 Park Australia

Hello Miss Amy

I received your email, sorry for the delayed response. We are very busy all day with the park, it has been highly successful and I can only do extra work outside of opening hours.

I will send you a photo of the blue piece after work today.
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From: Alistair McCoy <>;
To: Jane Fu(Bouncia) <watersports@bouncia.com.cn>;
Sent: 2018-06-14 20:52
Subject: Re: Re: watersports@bouncia.com.cn sent you files via WeTransfer

bouncia still holding well in 50mph wind at park. has moved about 1 meter the direction wind is blowing but I still think this is chain slack and bungee movement.




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From: Mārupe_Wake_Park <>;
To: Jane Fu(Bouncia) <watersports@bouncia.com.cn>;
Sent: 2018-07-10 17:08
Subject: Re: RE: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TUV certificate

Hi Jane!

Thanks for your e-mail! Iam very sorry for hesitating with an answer! I already wanted to send you the pictures of our park past week :)
It’s great! Our customers like it and we are already considering to make it bigger next year :)
Please see pictures attached. We haven’t put in the iceberg yet, as we want to introduce it a bit later.

Have a nice day,

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From: Chris_Honoré <>;
To: Shally (Bouncia Water Sports) <waterpark@bouncia.com.cn>;
Sent: 2017-12-20 20:19
Subject: Re: water park ---- From Shally (Bouncia)

Good evening Miss Shally,

We have received all the goods and we are very happy with the production quality and would like to place another order.
Have you had the opportunity to discuss with your manager regarding exclusive distribution for our company?
The new order we would like to place immediately and would like some different obstacles to our previous order - can you please make some suggestions we would like it the same size.

Kind regards,



1)Hi Alka, I have been purchasing from Bouncia for the last 7 years and their quality, workmanship and materials are all good. You can upgrade your PVC Material and do extra reinforcements for additional costs, as I always request when I have something manufactured by them. I fully trust Bouncia with all my orders and they know how I like my products manufactured. As for longevity, I like to turn my products over at least every 4 years to keep them fresh but it also depends how you look after your stuff. I have tried other suppliers in China when I first started and the products I received from them were of poor quality and cheap material so you have to be careful.

Best of Luck,
Craig Schindle
Harrison Water Sports



2)Hi Ratna, Bouncia builds a good product and I have been ordering product form them over the past 6 

years. With water park equipment your most concern is with air pressures controlling expansion and 

contraction levels depending on you climate. The product they manufacture should be all fitted with the 

proper release valves to ensure no over inflation that could damage the internal parts of the product. 

When you purchase from Bouncia they work very hard to manufacture the product to your specifications 

and they also include extra material and glue should you have to do a repair on the product at a later 

period of time.Maintaining the product is easy and so are the minor repairs.


Thanks Craig

-----From Harrison Water Sports in Canada



3)Hi Ratna, 


Sorry for the late reply, I was quite busy over the last two days!  Anyway, I have had a great experience 

with Bouncia and the water park that I purchased from them.  There were a few minor issue early on but 

they resolved them asap.  


As well, I have already given them lots of feedback to make the waterpark that much better for the next 

person to buy it. I am sure they will incorporate the feedback into the park if you purchase it from them.  I 

also have a good friend in Australia who has been working with them for longer then I have and he was 

the one who turned me on to Bouncia in the first place.  


As for maintenance, there is going to be maintenance on any inflatable waterpark you buy but your life

guards will get good at doing this daily maintenance which is mainly just adding more air to the park in 

the mornings and checking air pressure throughout the day, especially if it gets hot.  


Overall, my experience has been quite good with Bouncia and I would recommend them.





---From Wakeisland Water Sports in the USA



5)Also thanks for your help!


We have imported from 4 other inflatable suppliers and you have been the better with information and 



With some good service from you I think we will sell plenty over summer.


Michael Brown

---From Australia



For Rafting Boat


1) Good morning, lina.


We have received the rafting and I really like have been, we are happy with the finish and packaging, 

thank you very much for the good work you have done.


Well I have to send 10 new offer rafting carafteristicas same. Also characteristic of life jackets and samples.


Francisco Juarez

----From Spain



1) Hi Jane, 


I pumped up the raft and inspected it - it's excellent!  Thank you so much. It took a little while for me to

figure out the valves - they needed to be loosened with a Phillips-Head screwdriver, and I had to buy

the valve adapter, but they are fine and comparable to Halkey-Roberts.Look like a great job you 

guys did in constructing it. I'm impressed!



-------From USA



For Gymnastic Mat


shally hallo , qualty is good, a question , il possible to ha this product no large 1.68 cm but 1,80cm or 

2.00 m ? what do you say



------ From Italy



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